Friday, June 28, 2013

A song for you

"When You Were Around" by Lene Marline

I miss those times,
I miss those days
When you were around,
in so many ways
And it felt so safe,
and I was glad.
But now something's changed,
That makes me sad

And I, was waiting patiently,
But you never came
I realize it now, won't ever be the same... again
Won't ever be the same... again

If you're doing fine,
I don't know
You see, I gave up calling
long time ago
Haven't heard from you,
I guess that means
That I'm no good no more,
that's what it seems

And I, was waiting patiently,
But you never came
I realize it now, won't ever be the same... again
Won't ever be the same... again

You see, I gave up waiting - for you to care
You're not there,
and I wonder if you... ever were

And I, was waiting patiently,
But you never came
I realize it now, won't ever be the same... again
Won't ever be the same... again

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Don’t you think everything has expiry date? not only product but memory, relationship, friendship etc etc etc. Everything has expiry date, its only the matter how long is the duration it can last. Some of the product, the expiry date is stated, make you aware that you have to get use of it before it expire, but some product, they don’t.

If the friendship of you and me getting farer and farer, we hardly contact anymore, then I know the expiry date of our friendship is close. Nothing can be done when the expiry date is near. It is like a pineapple can food, when the expiry date is close, its either you open and make desserts or let it be until it expired and throw. Perhaps, keep the can for memory. Or else, nothing can be done to prolong the duration. Why pineapple? Simply=P

But I am little weird. Okay fine I am weird. At times, even though I know the thing is already expired, I tend to keep it also. I know the duration of our relationship is expired, years ago but still I keep this relationship with me. You might ask, what is the point of keeping it? Actually, I have no idea at all, for the sake of keeping it perhaps? Just like this blog! Its my room of memory, which you were in. Appreciate a lot!

Friday, April 09, 2010

4 months +++ din update my blog ad...
i guess nobody will cum visit my blog gua...
it already abandon by me for few months...surronding with cobweb
anyway, tell u wad im doing recently...
i studying for my semester 4...
i practicing my work for compeition which is on 20th of April so on the 18th of April,i will go to singapore for competition,wish me luck ya~
other than that, i help my chefs for functions and deli...all inside kitchen and coook coook coook...
although its tiring but i enjoyed it very much~(fyi, hotel management course is not only cooking and baking juz dat i got interest on them so u can alwaz c im talkin bout it.)
ermm...i thk nowadays my life is pack with this 3 major things...
minor things?! wasting my time taking public transport from klang to college...
eating food and become fatter and fatter etc...

oh ya~im addicted to HI MY SWEETHEART recently and i luv da song inside dat drama...
i can keep on repeating da 3 songs i like if im playing my music...lolz

I miss you~
yes~is YOU!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello 2010~
as usual I would say time is running very fast
how fast?as fast as lightning...lolz
Look back what I did in 2009
I would said it was a wonderful year
I learnt a lot and realised a lot of things also
2010...Its gonna be another good year,I wish
A lot more goals to achieve...
Looking forward~
Hope everyone stay pink in health
Happy alwayz and
Happy New Year~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ultrasound,X ray and blood test...
X ray shows that there are a lot of so called "wind" in my stomach
Other organs are fine and my blood test shows normal also
Finally got someone sure that what is happening in my stomach this few days which almost a week
I'm suffering for this whole week man...urgghh
Ate different kinds of medicine and spent a lot of money(at leastRM500)

The doctor said cause can be I ate something wrong or virus infection
He asked me not to drink tea and chocolate
He asked whether I like to eat chocolate or not
I was like oh shit
My mum sitting beside me started to tell the doctor I eat a lot of chocolate and eat everyday
WTH!? Yes I admit,I love chocolate but I did not eat it everyday
Doctor said it is not good to eat one whole bar of chocolate per day
Excusez-moi!? do you guys ever see I eat a lot of chocolate in one day????
Okay now I am in a big trouble
My mum said I get sick all because of chocolate
Swtz~doctor only said it might one of the cause

the pain is still goes on worries~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Its been 3 days my stomach not feeling well
I went to doctor and he said my stomach got air
like what happened last year when I was Form 5...

The doctor asked me to eat the medicines for 5 days
But then after I ate the medicines,everything still the same
The pain goes on and did not relieve
I wonder is there anything wrong inside my stomach
Since the doctor said 5 days, then I decided to wait for few days
If Monday I still not recover yet then I will ask my parents to bring me for a check up

Hope there is no crystal in my stomach
I cannot sell that crytal also><

Really enjoy reading this book
Even the previous book I read which were Julie&Julia and French Women Don't Get Fat
All related to France
Its making me dream about France
If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man,then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you,for Paris is a moveable feast----Ernest Hemingway
I wish that I can go to France one day and experience what Ernest Hemingway said...

p/s: I got a really big present for Christmas(^.^)v

Monday, December 21, 2009

My dear stomach,

Can you please behave yourself?
Don't so naughty can ah?
I treat you so good and always try not to let you starve
So in return can you please be a good girl?
Don't give trouble to me...
I really appreciate your cooperation~
Merci beaucoup~